International Student Insurance Orientation Video

In the world of COVID-19, we expect that many orientations will be done virtually, and that much of the information presented to students will be in some sort of digital format. While this is a new format for many schools, the main advantage is that schools can make these videos available to engage students, and they can be recorded to review later. 

We all know that insurance and the US healthcare system is complicated, and when you add additional barriers such as language, a foreign healthcare system, and jargon, it makes seeking care that much harder! Because of this, we wanted to help support the schools and students we work closely with by developing an International Student Insurance Orientation Video.

This video will walk your students through the following topics:

  • Why students need health insurance in the US
  • What to expect when they seek medical care
  • Common benefits and exclusions on the Student Health plan
  • How to find a doctor, hospital and clinic
  • How to file and check the status of a claim

If you are looking for an individual insurance option for your international students, scholars, exchange students, language students, or those on OPT, then our Student Health plan may be a good option. Available in four levels, students can choose the plan that works best for them based on the benefits they need and the price they can afford – and they can have coverage for maternity, mental health, organized sports, and more.

If you are interested in speaking to a representative about our individual insurance plans or school resources, you can contact us directly at:

Toll Free: (877) 926-0042

International: +1 (904) 478-0002

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