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If you are planning to visit your child while they are studying outside their home country, then you may want to consider health insurance for your upcoming trip. These plans provide comprehensive health insurance coverage, along with travel benefits in case your flight gets delayed, your luggage gets lost, etc. These plans will cover you internationally outside your home country, anywhere in the world.

The following plans are great options for parents or guardians planning to travel abroad:

Travel Medical Insurance icon

Travel Medical Insurance

The Atlas Travel medical plan is great for families traveling abroad for a year or less. It offers up to a $2,000,000 policy maximum with various deductible options to choose from.
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Patriot Travel Insurance

The Patriot Travel plan is great for families who plan on traveling abroad for 2 years or less. It offers up to a $1,000,000 policy maximum with various deductible options to choose from.

Not sure which plan to choose? Check our quick comparison guide:

Atlas Travel Patriot Travel
Coverage Period 1 year max 2 years max
Policy Maximum Up to $2 Million Up to $1 Million
Deductible $0 up to $5,000 $0 up to $2,500
Application Processing Time Instant Instant
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Your child's medical information is private and can only she shared with you when they have provided consent. We recommend that you have a medical consent and release form completed so that you as a parent or guardian can access this information

Contact us for more information and a copy of the form.

Digital Claims

Did you know claims can be submitted with your mobile phone?

Simply take a picture of the itemized receipts/bills and completed claim form, and submit it to the claims team for processing.

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