Meet The Team

Our Administrator Team

Elaine del Rossi
Elaine del Rossi Managing Director
Healthcare Solutions
Jennifer Frankel
Jennifer Frankel Director of University Relations
Sally McLeod
Sally McLeod Marketing Manager

The rest of our team consists of:

Keith Clausen
Ross Mason
Vice President
Emil Gallant
Director of Technology
Annemarie Estrada
Director of Client Services
Dana Luther
Senior Web Application Architect
Morrison Kwong
Chinese Marketing Specialist
Sutherland Beever
Client Services Manager
Leah Hammond
Marketing Manager
James Lewis
Web Developer
Nate Bockoven
Web Developer
Yessica Prato
Customer Service Manager
Klare Paul
Accounting & HR Manager
Alejandra Ramirez
Marketing Manager
Ramez Stephan
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Juncal Caballero
Marketing Coordinator/Translator
Nathan Stetter
Web Developer
Greg Heindel
Email Marketing Manager
Alexis Ponce
Marketing Coordinator
Eric Bloodworth
Marketing Coordinator
Natalie Holland
Marketing Coordinator
Antonio Zapata
Marketing Coordinator
Diana Nolasco
Marketing Coordinator/Translator
Neha Arvind Kumar
Account Manager Support
Karla Lopez
Marketing Coordinator

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Neptune Beach, FL 32266 USA

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