Customized School Pages

Customized School Pages

We offer two main ways to customize pages for you and your students, either our school pages, or student zones. Both offer you the flexibility to provide the best service and options to your students:

School Pages

Our customized school pages are your opportunity to create a bespoke page on our website that directs your students to the plans and options you want them to see and purchase. This allows you the control (so that students can purchase the right plan you select), but without any of the hassle for you and your students as they know the right plan and options you approve!

What benefits do our customized school pages offer:
  • One place to send all your students.
  • Include your school's branding and logo.
  • Option to show the plans, coverage dates and levels you select.
  • Option to show pre-defined coverage periods.
  • Ability to include any wording/instructions for your students
  • Can include your free orientation video (if you have done one with us)
  • They are free to setup!

School Page Examples – a few examples of current school pages are:

Student Zones

For schools and organizations that work with us, we can provide a customized student zone for your students once they have purchased their insurance plan. This includes details about how to seek medical care, access to our excellent video resources, provider network search tool, online claims tracking and submission tool and much more!

Student Zone Example:

Contact Us

We would be happy to set any of these up for you, or provide you with a few example links. Please feel free to contact us directly.

Get Your Landing Page

Resources for
Schools & Organizations

Our insurance explained section is designed to help students understand and navigate the world of student insurance. We would like to make our resources available for use by your organization, including:

  • Google Hangout orientations,
  • Customized school pages,
  • Mailing brochures,
  • Providing our videos for your website/orientation

For more information, please see our school resources section.

School Links

For schools that are already working with us, please select your name in the list below:

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