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ISI helps school administrators navigate the process of researching, purchasing and delivering international student health insurance for their students.

Consultative Approach

Our approach is to understand your needs and provide solutions that work both for your institution and your students. We can help you create a fully customized program, or select from one of our standard plans. Whether you are looking for a traditional group enrollment process, or want the ability for your students to purchase the plans themselves, we offer solutions that fit your needs.
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TeleMedicine/Emotional Wellness

In addition to comprehensive medical benefits, our plans go the extra mile by offering telemedicine and emotional wellness services and support for your students. These services are available through dedicated apps, so students have easy access.

Administrative Tools

Built to meet the needs of higher education, we have a dedicated enrollment management system that allows you to view and manage all student enrollments. Our market-leading system can also accept direct enrollments via API, excel sheet upload, and individual enrollments. It handles document creation and distribution to your students, together with any custom messaging to your students.
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Group Tools

The Group Zone is the informational hub for your participants to learn more about their insurance plan and the healthcare system in the USA. It offers practical, step-by-step advice on how to seek medical care, search for providers in the network, and track and submit a claim online.

Provider Network

Our most popular plans include access to the UnitedHealthcare Network, the largest PPO network in the USA which provides direct billing and excellent cost containment. Students can search for providers online through the Group Zone, and billing will go directly to the claims team for processing.
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Group Plan Options

If you're looking for group insurance solutions, our sales team is ready to assist you.

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