International Student Insurance Orientation

International Student Insurance Orientation

Let us help you with your international student insurance orientation session. Whether we provide a pre-recorded video, or a live online interactive session, let our international insurance experts help educate your students about insurance and the healthcare system in the USA.

All topics are pre-approved in advance and typically we cover the following main areas:

  • How the healthcare system in the USA works
  • Seeking treatment appropriately
  • The role of insurance
  • The claims process

We can also include any specific details or topics you would like covered, so that the orientation fits your specific needs!

The main details of the orientation are:


The orientation can either be pre-recorded, so that you have a copy that you can play during your main international student orientation and to include on your website, or we can schedule a live interactive session either during your main orientation or at a convenient time for your and your students.


Depending on how you want the orientation provided, there is nothing for you to do. The pre-recorded orientation will be uploaded to YouTube so you can embed this very easily into a presentation or your website. If you prefer the live interactive session, we will use the power of GoToWebinar to power this, and we will provide you with full details on how to log into the session.


We are very flexible and are happy to schedule the orientation when it works best for you and your students. Please contact us early; as we will offer these on a first-come, first-serve basis and we expect them to fill up quickly.


There is no cost for the orientation, it is purely available as an informational resource for your students.

Contact our team for more details.

Online International Student Insurance Orientation

Check out our student orientation that you are welcome to show to your students, or embed on your site.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for your hangout, please contact our insurance team who will be happy to help you!
Toll Free: (877) 758-4391
Direct: +1 (904) 758-4391

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