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ISI is proud to introduce our new specialized New York group insurance plan, carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of your international students in New York state at affordable prices.

This new plan, insured by Crum & Forster, is ideal for schools in New York who:

  • Are interested in a group plan for international students
  • Want an affordable plan that includes wellness, maternity, and mental health coverage
  • Are looking for more support with insurance, including a dedicated account manager, 24/7 multilingual support for students, and an easy-to-use enrollment system.

Many schools realize they are ready to move to a group plan when they want to require insurance but don’t want to chase students down for compliance verification. Having a group plan is an excellent way to ensure your students have the insurance coverage you know they need while also making the management process easier on you and your team.

Specifically, the ISI New York plan meets state requirements and includes excellent benefits such as:

  • $500,000 policy maximum
  • $150 deductible per injury/illness
  • Wellness covered 100%
  • Mental health coverage
  • Maternity coverage
  • Sports coverage up to principal available
  • Network: Aetna Passport

In addition, the plan is fully customizable and can be used as a launching pad for developing the perfect group plan for your population.

Rates begin at $84.63 per month (which includes $5,000 club and intramural sports coverage). For sports that include intercollegiate up to the principal sum, the rates begin at $128.03. Of course, the rates will change with customizations, but we are committed to working with you to find the benefits and the rates that work best for your students.

Want to learn more? Contact Leslie Reynolds today! 

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