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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Although we are no longer in the Coronavirus Pandemic, the virus is still prevalent and we would like to provide you with details about your insurance coverage and some practical information and advice on seeking medical care.

Am I Covered?

COVID-19 Treatment

Your international insurance plan provides treatment for the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the same as any other illness, as long as it is not contracted prior to the start date of your insurance plan and does not fall within any other policy exclusion or limitation.

COVID-19 Testing

Testing for COVID-19 is included in your insurance plan when it is medically necessary because you are showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 , and must be ordered by your treating physician. Elective testing, testing when you have no signs or symptoms of COVID-19, and the antibody test is not covered.

There are no longer free testing sites, but you can purchase an at-home test from any pharmacy or visit your local walk-in clinic or urgent care center. Please note, at-home tests are not covered by your insurance, and will not be eligible for reimbursement under your plan.

Seeking Treatment

If you are exhibiting any of the signs or symptoms of COVID-19, the recommendation is to:

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Get Tested

Take a COVID test at home or go to your nearest Walk-In Clinic or Urgent Care Center Please keep in mind testing is only covered if symptoms are being shown and you have an order from a treating doctor.
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If You Test Positive

  • Stay at home and self-isolate.
  • If you feel worse and need to seek medical treatment, your plan includes access to visit a virtual doctor (telemedicine). Please visit your Student Zone to learn more about the telemedicine services included with your plan.
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Visiting your Doctor or Hospital

  • If your situation worsens or becomes a life-threatening emergency situation, make your way to the nearest Doctor/Hospital.
  • Locate a Doctor/Hospital and call ahead and inform them you are sick with COVID-19 and ask them what to do. They will make preparations and direct you to the correct place.

Does my Insurance Cover the COVID Vaccine?

The COVID vaccine and boosters will not be covered by your plan in the same way that the flu vaccine or any other type of vaccine will be excluded.

Further Information

If you need further help or advice, please contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have. You can also find accurate and updated information from the CDC .

This overview is offered for informational purposes only, and in no way supersedes or alters the insurance contract, which is the sole source of all terms, benefits, exclusions and limitations. You can find a copy of your insurance certificate in the MyDocuments section of this Student Zone. Updated on June 9th, 2023.

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