April showers may bring May flowers, but it is also the time that many schools are reviewing their insurance policies and plans for next year. In this latest newsletter, we highlight our new student self-enrollment group plans, telecounseling, and provide you with an overview of our retail products that can be purchased by students, scholars, families and travelers. Please consider reaching out to us if you have questions, and we hope to see you next month as we are eagerly preparing for NAFSA!

Jennifer Frankel
On behalf of the ISI Team

New Student Self-Enrollment Group Plans

We offer both group and individual insurance plans, but sometimes schools may want the advantage of both. They want to customize benefits like you’d see in a group plan but have students enroll on their own. We are excited to launch our group self-enrollment insurance plans that allow schools to tailor their benefits but at the same time have students pay for the plan on their own. Administrators will have access to our enrollment tool to view and manage enrollments.

Telecounseling with a Cultural Context Viewpoint

While telemedicine’s popularity has grown since the pandemic and mental health cases are on the rise on college campuses, schools are struggling to keep up with the demand. Building a toolkit to be able to provide immediate access to stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional wellness concerns is key. ISI has partnered with LifeWorks (formally known as Mournell Shapell) to integrate telecounseling into the student group plans. This allows students to get access to counseling not just from a counselor, but from a counselor who understands both their language and culture.

You can also learn more about our group insurance plans or request a quote.

Individual Insurance Options

We have a number of insurance options available to students, scholars, families and travelers to enroll on their own. Our suite of products are available to meet unique needs as well as requirements. Our plans include:

Plan Info
Student Secure Our most popular option available in four levels, works for F1, J1, OPT, and study abroad students.
Student Health Advantage Popular option for high school students and athletes.
ISI Protect Our least extensive option for F1, J1 and OPT students, and includes telemedicine and an integrated prescription drug card.
Patriot Exchange Great option for families and one of our most popular options for older students.
Student Defender F1 and J1 students can enroll in this plan if the school requires ACA comparable coverage.
Global Medical Insurance Worldwide, comprehensive coverage for students and families (dependents can enroll on their own). Wellness, dental & vision coverage available.
Patriot Travel Dependents can enroll in this plan on their own and it is an excellent option for short-term coverage both in the US and abroad.
Atlas Travel A great short-term option both in the US and overseas, no student requirement so it works great for families and travelers.
Navigator International students can enroll and provide unlimited coverage for those looking for a cadillac plan.
Trip Cancellation For travelers and students looking to protect the cost of their trip for an upcoming trip. Cancel for any reason available.
Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains Standalone medical evacuation and repatriation that can be added to an employer group plan to be in compliance with J visa requirements or school insurance requirements.

Welcome our newest member: Paola!

Paola Torres
Coordinator, Customer Service

Originally from Acapulco, she moved to Mexico City in 2016 to study and get her degree as a professional photographer. One of her interests is to learn more languages and gastronomic culture. She’s currently learning French on her free weekends and she likes to take photos and videos to then edit on photoshop.

Upcoming Conferences 2023

Conference Dates Location
NAFSA Annual Ma 30 - Jun 2 Washington, DC

For a complete list of our upcoming events, check out our events page.


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