From all of us here at ISI, we hope you had a happy New Year and that you have returned from winter break feeling relaxed and ready to take on 2023. We are excited to share our plans for 2023 as we continue to work to expand our offerings, improve our resources, provide industry-leading technology, and be a reliable and committed partner for you, your staff, and students. Whether we see you at a conference, orientation, or on campus, we look forward to connecting with you this year.

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Jennifer Frankel
On behalf of the ISI Team

ISI Looking Forward to 2023!

University Relations

In 2023, the University Relations team is looking forward to getting back out on the road to meet with you on campus, participate in your student orientations, and connect with you at the many conferences (hope to see you there!) across the country. Amidst our travels, we look forward to finding solutions to improve your insurance plan and process, support you and your student with outstanding customer service support, and provide you with unmatched technology to enhance the insurance experience for you and your students. We will also continue to enhance our school and student resources when it comes to health, safety and insurance. Learn more about our group and individual options in our administrator portal.


We are looking forward to continuing infrastructure and programmatic improvements to all the services offered through ISI, and working with our partner companies to streamline all of the integrations being offered through the site.

Customer Service

Our customer service team is working diligently to ensure 2023 is our best year yet. Working alongside our tech team, we are working on processing service requests faster and promptly with new improvements. We continue to provide students and administrators with accurate information 100% of the time by staying up-to-date with plan updates. Lastly, we will continue emphasizing our ongoing training techniques so you reap the benefits any time you contact us!

Project Management

In 2023, we are looking forward to the implementation of new processes to help expand the infrastructure and the services offered to our clients and partner companies. Improving both the internal and external operations in providing a great product.

Account Management

The account management team has been gearing up for a successful 2023 as well! As the year starts, we will be rolling out enhancements to our enrollment system that will improve user experience and make the enrollment process even easier to navigate. To add to this, we plan on creating more resources for our clients, including a new training video that will explain the different capabilities of our enrollment system in more detail. We will be focusing on internal training and protocols so our team can continue to offer top-level service to our clients as efficiently as possible. We will be planning client visits and attending conferences throughout the year, and we look forward to hopefully seeing many of you in person soon!

Upcoming Conferences 2023

Conference Dates Location
URMIA Southeastern Regional Conference Feb 5-6 Orlando, FL
Florida Association of International Educators Feb 23-24 Daytona Beach, FL
URMIA Western March 1-2 Anaheim, CA
Tennessee Association of International Educators Mar 9-10 Chattanooga, TN
International Educators of Illinois Mar 9-10 Palos Hills, IL
Michigan Association of International Educators Mar 15-17
North Carolina Association of International Educators Mar 31 Greenville, NC
Alabama Association of International Educators


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