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We are thrilled to announce that ISI is now offering dental and vision insurance plans available to all international students, scholars and families residing in the US. These plans are available in multiple levels so students can choose the plan that works best for their budget and their needs. Learn more about these plans in this month’s newsletter, as we continue to expand our offerings to support the health and wellbeing of all international students!
Jennifer Frankel
On behalf of the ISI Team

New Dental Insurance Plans

We recently partnered with Ameritas to launch our new dental insurance plans for those who are 18 and older. The plan provides flexibility allowing students to pay monthly or in full.

The dental plan covers students in the US for preventative dental care (dental exams and cleanings), basic dental services (x-rays, sealants and fillings), and major dental services (oral surgery, root canals, gum disease, crowns, dentures). The plan comes in three levels to choose from:

  • Value: Budget friendly, maximum benefit $750, preventative coverage starting at 90%
  • Access: Family friendly, maximum benefit starting at $1,000, includes children orthodontia and LASIK coverage
  • Total: Highest level, maximum benefit starting at $2,000, 100% preventative coverage and includes hearing exam coverage
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New Vision Insurance Plans

Like with the dental plan, our new vision insurance plans are also with Ameritas and offer a monthly payment option. 

Students can enroll on their own, or add their family, to ensure that everyone is covered.  The vision plan covers students in the US for routine eye exams, contacts, frames and lenses. The plan comes in two levels:

  • Select: Budget level, eye exams covered every 12 months with a $25 deductible, lenses and frames covered every 24 months, contacts covered up to $130
  • Choice: Elite level, eye exams covered every 12 months with a $10 deductible, lenses and frames covered every 12 months, contacts covered up to $150
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Why Dental & Vision Insurance is Important

Having a holistic approach to healthcare and wellness is a key strategy to address your students’ needs. That’s why in this month’s blog we explore the importance of dental and vision insurance. This includes how this can play an important role in empowering students and helping to shield them from financial burdens. 
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ISI Welcomes a New Team Member!

Laura Chavez
Coordinator, Customer Service

Having joined the team in 2023, Laura brings a wealth of experience to our Customer Service division. Her experience with clients and team management extends over three years. She is enthusiastic about making a difference in every interaction she has with the members of our organization. When she isn't at work, you can find her enjoying a concert, a walk with her dogs or movies with her kid. As a proud mother, she takes a great deal of pride in her son.

Upcoming Conferences 2023

Conference Dates Location
Region VII Oct 9-11 Birmingham, AL
Region V Oct 18-21 Grand Rapids, MI
Region X/XI Oct 22-26 Montreal, Quebec
Region IV Oct 24-26 Coralville, IA
Region I Oct 28 - Nov 2 Eugene, OR
ICEF Berlin Oct 30- Nov 1 Berlin, Germany
Region II Oct 31-Nov 3 Lawrence, KS
Region III Oct 31 - Nov Oklahoma City, OK
Region VI Nov 3-7 Lexington, KY
Region VIII Nov 5-11 Roanoke, VA
ICEF Miami Dec 11-14 Miami, FL
For a complete list of our upcoming events, check out our events page.


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