It’s not quite Fall, yet for schools across the country, campuses are welcoming students back for the start of their Fall semester. To prepare your students, this newsletter features important topics that are on the minds of administrators and students alike. We will explore monkeypox, suicide prevention, culture shock, confidentiality when it comes to mental health, and more information on how students and scholars can still enroll in health insurance for the coming year! We hope you have a great start to the new school year!

Jennifer Frankel
On behalf of the ISI Team

International Student & Scholar Insurance Plans - Start Coverage Immediately

As the semester begins, students and scholars are scrambling to get their health insurance in time for the start of their school year. Many of our plans work for F, J and M visas - and students can keep their plan on OPT. With same day or next day coverage available, students can start their plan immediately and they will receive instant confirmation.

A Digital Digest on Monkeypox

A hot topic in the news around the world right now is Monkeypox. Despite its name, Monkeypox does not come from monkeys. While the virus itself is not new, the global spread we are currently seeing is somewhat puzzling to medical scientists, who haven’t seen the same behavior from the virus before. We are all a bit on edge from living through a global pandemic for two years, so review our latest blog post to help dispel myths about Monkeypox, see what symptoms to look out for, and find out your best defenses against the virus.

Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month

Mental health continues to be an important topic for many schools throughout the US, and around the world. In light of September being Suicide Prevention and Awareness month, we dive into the topic in our latest blog to help spot common warning signs that a student may be at risk of attempting suicide.

Emotional Wellness Video Series: Seeking Treatment and Confidentiality

As we continue our video series on Emotional Wellness FAQ’s for International Students with multicultural specialist and licensed psychologist Dr. Xuhua Qin, the latest video in this series explores confidentiality. Dr. Qin debunks common myths regarding privacy and outlines laws designed to protect your students when seeking treatment for their emotional wellness needs.

Culture Shock - Insurance Explained

Traveling abroad can be equal parts exciting and nerve racking, especially when students are introduced to a different culture and language. Sometimes, people experience culture shock while studying outside of their home country and they can become anxious or depressed. Learn to identify the signs and how to help your students overcome culture shock with our free resources.

Welcoming our Newest Team Members

Joss JimAr
Marketing Coordinator

Joss JimAr joined ISI back in June 2022 bringing their love of languages and communication. Joss has experience teaching English as a Second Language and they have also conducted workshops on inclusion and equality. They have a Masters degree in Biological Sciences and studied abroad at the Royal Ontario Museum. Joss has a passion for performing arts, singing and traveling.

Upcoming Conferences 2022

Conference Location Dates
Region XII Sacramento, CA Oct 9-15
Region XI Manchester, NH Oct 16-20
Region V Milwaukee, WI Oct 18-20
Region II Flagstaff, AZ Oct 18-21
Region X Albany, NY Oct 23-26
Region IV Minneapolis, MN Oct 23-27
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Region VI/VIII Pittsburgh, PA Nov 13-17

International Student Insurance

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