Fall semester feels almost normal as students are getting their visas, consulates are opening back up, and schools across the country are returning in-person (if they aren’t already open!). We have enjoyed speaking with so many of you as you transition back into the office, and are excited to have that start-of-the-semester energy once again! The experience of an international student is not complete without the immersion component, and the return to school means a more meaningful experience that international students will carry with them for years to come.

Enjoy the newsletter!

Jennifer Frankel
On behalf of the ISI Team

Student Secure - Students Can Enroll for Spring

Our Student Secure is our most popular option for international students (including those on OPT) and scholars. The plan is available in four levels and students can begin coverage as soon as the same day.


$200,000 Max



$500,000 Max



$600,000 Max



$5,000,000 Max


* Rates based on age 24 and younger

Resources for Schools

While navigating the US healthcare system can be difficult for any international student or scholar, ISI is committed to simplifying the process. Please let us know if you are interested in the following free resources:

Insurance Pamphlets

Table Stands


Now with a QR code making it even easier for your students to find their options and enroll. Contact our team and request your free shipment.

Mental Health and Your International Students

The emotional wellness of international students has become a hot topic for many schools, which was only heightened during the pandemic. With the start to the semester and orientations under way, you are welcome to share these resources with your students or link to it on your website:


Educators and Administrators Wellbeing

Mental and emotional wellness has always been an important topic at ISI where we have focused many of our resources on international students and scholars. We know that this pandemic has also placed a big burden on school leaders and administrators. Read our latest blog as we explore the mental health challenges administrators face and some tips to help confront some of these challenges.

Staff Pets - Meet Joey, Ollie, Zassi and Zenta!

Nathan Stetter
Senior Software Developer

Joey and Ollie are father and son Yorkie's and although they are little dog's - they have big personalities. Their favorite things to do are sleep in, beg for belly rubs, and play at the beach! Their two kitty cat sisters are Zassi and Zenta - who were named after two of the Jaguars at the Jacksonville Zoo. The girls are in fact, actually sisters. They love to chase each other around the house, take cat naps in cardboard boxes, and staring out the window together.