We are thrilled to have our very first edition of the ISI administrators newsletter, as this will allow us to provide more useful and relevant information tailored to you. This newsletter will address health, safety, and insurance, and of course, keep you up-to-date with the many resources you have come to know us for. This has no doubt been a year unlike any other, and we are glad that we can go through this together. We have been talking to schools across the country, and the work, effort, and care that each of you put into international education is what makes this industry great. We wish you all the best as Fall returns in whatever shape it will take on your campus.

Jennifer Frankel
On behalf of the ISI Team

Student Webinar: The US Healthcare System During COVID-19

Now is the time that many international students are making their decisions about health insurance for the upcoming year, and it’s no easy feat! Students have to figure out what all of this jargon means in order to decide which plan will meet their needs and will work for their school.

To help these students along, Sally McLeod from ISI will be hosting a free webinar for your students that will cover:

  • How to navigate the US healthcare system
  • COVID-19
  • How to evaluate an insurance plan

Please share this with your students:

Save the Date
Wednesday, August 19th
10:00am Eastern Time

Insurance Plan Updates for 2020-2021

With the school year upon us, we have updated all of our plans so that they are ready for the upcoming school year - and all plans include COVID-19, the same as any other illness:

  • 15 days up to one year, renewable up to 4 years
  • Same day coverage available
  • Worldwide coverage outside home country, including all 50 states
  • Monthly payments available
  • Direct payment through the UnitedHealthcare Network
  • 5 days up to one year
  • Dependent coverage available
  • Same day coverage available
  • $0 deductible option
  • Worldwide coverage outside home country, including all 50 states
  • Direct payment through the UnitedHealthcare Network

ISI Student Secure Orientation Video

Healthcare and health insurance can be difficult to navigate, which is why we want to make sure that your students understand their insurance plans. We have recently launched our Student Secure Orientation Video, which goes over what the Student Secure plan covers, where to get medical treatment, and how to file a claim. You are welcome to share this with students, embed it on your site, and we can also include it on your customized page with us at no additional cost.

5-Star Trustpilot Rating

Congratulations to our customer service team for their 5-star rating on TrustPilot. Our customer service team is made up of internationally-minded people who believe that responsiveness, patience, and empathy are important to helping students understand their insurance. They provide multilingual assistance to your students via chat, email, phone or through social media. Feel free to give us a review if you haven't already!

Understanding Insurance in the US

Health insurance can be complicated to navigate, especially for international students where there are many additional barriers. Understanding the need for health insurance can be a struggle since many international students are coming from countries where there is a nationalized/universal healthcare system - or where they can get medical treatment at affordable rates. To help international students understand health insurance in the US, check out our insurance page that is designed to help students delve further into this.

Staff Pets

Because we all need a moment of zen these days, we are going to introduce a new section of our newsletter - Staff Pets! Talking around the water cooler definitely warrants swapping stories and photos with our colleagues about our pets, so we wanted to share with you!

Annemarie Estrada
Director of Client Services

Annemarie (AK) Estrada has been with ISI since 2008 and oversees the account management team.

AK loves dogs, especially her new puppy Piper the French Bulldog. She also has a cat named Gilligan. Gilligan thinks he's a dog and quickly became best friends with Piper.